How to Choose the Best Corset for Waist Training: 6 Things to Look For

Best Corset for Waist Training

You’ve decided you want a curvy, hourglass figure and the best way to get is through waist training. You’ve done your research and learned about the various types of waist trainers and decided that corset training is the best for your goals. Now all you need to figure out is…what is the best waist trainer corset? Well, […]

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Is Waist Training Safe? 5 Waist Training Dangers and How to Avoid Them

how to avoid waist training dangers

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo surrounding the phenomenon of waist training over the past few years. On one hand, you have celebs and regular folk who’ve had amazing results from waist training. But on the other, there’s a group of people who can’t talk about corsets without rattling off a list of waist training […]

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How to Waist Train Without a Corset

how to waist train without a corset

Corsets give you an instant hourglass figure by reducing your waistline by several inches. Even better? They improve your posture, keep your core warm and even help reduce feelings of anxiety. Over time, corset training can help you lose inches around your natural waist – even without the corset – and shape your waistline into an […]

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The Easiest Detox for Belly Fat (No Pills, No Starving)

detox for belly fat

Detox is a big buzzword these days. From several week-long liquid fasts to colon cleanses, people all over the world are jumping aboard the detox wagon to reap the benefits of a clean, smooth-functioning inner system. And who wouldn’t be interested? The benefits are hard to say no to: clearer skin, improved mood and energy, […]

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