How Long Should I Wear My Waist Trainer a Day

How Long Should I Wear My Waist Trainer a Day?

So, you’ve decided to train your waist. Commitment to the journey? Check. Got the best waist trainer for your needs? Check. Read and memorized waist training tips to make sure you train safe and successfully? Check.

Now all you need to know is…how long should I wear my waist trainer a day?

Good question, especially since knowing how long to wear your waist trainer per day can make or break your progress.

How so?

Well, your body must become accustomed to the constraint of a waist trainer. And this isn’t going to happen overnight.

Similarly, the waist trainer itself takes time to become accustomed to your body. This is what “seasoning” a corset means – it’s the period of time when you gradually break in a new corset.

Giving your corset time to adjust to your body is a smart way to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort.  The boning and fabric will over time mould themselves to your shape making it a lot more comfortable to wear it over longer stretches of time.

On the other hand, rushing in too fast, too soon and wearing your waist trainer for long stretches of time from the get go is not helpful for your body nor the corset.

Not to mention, it’ll put you off waist training before you even begin. To get started on the right foot and ease yourself into hourglass curves, you want to go slow and gradually ramp up. Here’s how to do it!

So How Long Should I Wear My Waist Trainer a Day?

We wish we could give you hard and fast rules for this, but as with pretty much everything else in life, the answer depends on you. Every body is different and what works for some may not work for others.

That’s why we’re going to provide general guidelines and recommendations on how long you should wear your waist trainer but please remember to listen to your body and honor your own needs.

The 1st week

When you’re first starting out, think of the training as slowly introducing your body to the waist trainer. Begin with wearing your waist trainer for 2 to 3 hours per day for the first week.

Remember, you want them to be good friends for a long time so don’t overdo it by coming on too strong, too fast.

Week 2 and Week 3

After the first week, increase the time spent wearing your waist trainer by an hour every few days until you can comfortably wear it for 4 to 6 hours per day.

For the first few weeks, try not to spend longer than 6 hours per day in your waist trainer. This will give both your body and the trainer time to adjust.

Some might find it easy to increase the time by an hour each day and others won’t feel comfortable doing so for a few days. It doesn’t matter. Go at your own pace. This isn’t a competition.

Beyond the first few weeks

After the first few weeks of easing your body into waist training, you can gradually increase the time spent in your new corset by an hour every few days until you feel comfortable wearing your waist trainer for a maximum of 12 hours per day.

Do not try to force yourself to waist train for a full 12 hours. You may be most comfortable with 6 hours, or 8 hours or 10 hours, or anything in between and that is totally fine. Do what works for you and your body.

Will Wearing My Waist Trainer for 20+ Hours Give Me Faster Results?

It’s tempting to try to speed up waist training results by wearing your waist trainer for the majority of the day.

We do not recommend this.

Yes, there are people who have dramatically altered their figure by wearing a waist trainer for 20+ hours per day, 7 days a week.

But these people are usually waist training as a lifestyle and they have been doing so for years, even decades. Just because extreme waist training works for them, it does not mean it’ll work for you.

Remember that these are serious waist trainers who have years of experience gradually reshaping their bodies. If you are new to waist training, such aggressive waist training can do more harm than good.

Do I Have to Wear My Waist Trainer for Several Hours at a Time?

You can…but you don’t have to. You have choices.

Here’s what we mean. Let’s say you’ve decided to wear your waist trainer for 6 hours per day. You can either:

  • Wear the waist trainer for a full 6 hours in one straight go, or…
  • Wear the waist trainer for 2 hours and then take it off for 2 hours and then wear it for another 2 hours and take it off for 2 hours and so on

You can use the second approach in a number of ways to suit your schedule, lifestyle and preferences. Sometimes, it might be easier to do 1 hour with the waist trainer on and then 1 hour with it off, followed by 2 hours with the waist trainer on and then 2 hours with it off, and so on.

Decide how long you will be wearing a waist trainer per day and choose the method that works best for you!

The Final Note on How Long to Wear Your Waist Trainer

Just to recap everything into an easy list of bullets for easy perusal…

  • Start slow so your body and waist trainer can get used to each other. Just 2 to 3 hours a day is plenty for the first week.
  • Gradually ramp up as your body adjusts to waist training.
  • Try to wear your waist trainer for at least 4 to 6 hours per day. Every body is different and will get different results and varying rates but ultimately, the more you wear your waist trainer, the better chance you have at greater, faster results.
  • There are going to be days when you feel like you can wear your waist trainer all day and there are going to be days when you don’t want to wear your waist trainer at all. Switch up the methods whenever you need to by doing the full, multi-hour waist training stretch when it feels comfortable for you and making use of “interval” waist training (an hour on, an hour off) for those days when you’re just not feeling it.
  • That being said, try not to go over 12 hours of waist training per day. Leave the extreme, 20+ hour waist training sessions to the professionals.

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