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12 Waist Training Tips You Should Know Before Starting Waist Training

best waist training tips

Spend a few minutes looking for waist training tips on Google and you’ll notice a lot of contrasting opinions. On one hand, there are the people who say waist training is uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who’ve been waist training for weeks, months, […]

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Types of Waist Trainers: Corset or Waist Cincher or Waist Trimmer?

types of waist trainers

Steel boned corsets, latex waist cinchers, neoprene waist wraps…there are so many different types of waist trainers that it can be completely overwhelming when you’re first starting out. All you want is to find the best waist trainer for you and instead, you’re stuck wading through a pile of words and terms that leave you more […]

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7 Waist Training Essentials You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

waist training essentials

Waist training sounds simple enough. You have a waist. You get a waist trainer. You put it on. And that is the bare gist of it but fact of the matter is that there are a few things that will make your life infinitely more comfortable during your waist training journey. So if you’re a smart cookie […]

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Waist Training Diet Do’s and Don’ts: What to Eat While Waist Training

waist training diet tips

Remember that Thanksgiving episode of Friends, where Joey makes Monica cook him a whole turkey, promising that he’ll eat it all on his own? On the day, when he can’t eat anymore, he just leaves the room to put on Rachel’s maternity pants – and voila, comes back to eat more. A corset is the […]

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How Long Should I Wear My Waist Trainer a Day?

How Long Should I Wear My Waist Trainer a Day

So, you’ve decided to train your waist. Commitment to the journey? Check. Got the best waist trainer for your needs? Check. Read and memorized waist training tips to make sure you train safe and successfully? Check. Now all you need to know is…how long should I wear my waist trainer a day? Good question, especially since […]

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How to Do Waist Training at Night Without Losing a Wink of Sleep

waist training at night tips

Ah, the temptation of waist training at night. It seems like such an easy way to accelerate your progress. A full six to eight hours of downtime and you’re not going to be doing anything except sleeping so why not slim your waistline while you’re at it? Plus, waist training at night allows you to sneak in […]

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What is the Best Waist Trainer Corset?

best waist trainer corset

Ready to dip a toe into the waters of corset training and wondering, what is the best waist trainer corset? There are several factors that determine what makes a corset good for waist training but we’ve gone ahead and done much of the work for you. Here are the top picks for waist training corsets, complete with […]

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How Long Does Waist Training Take?

how long does waist training take

The very first thing most of us want to know when embarking on a new journey is how long it’ll be before we start seeing results. So it’s no wonder that the most commonly asked question around here is “how long does waist training take?” And we so wish we had a hard and fast answer […]

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Most Effective Waist Training Exercises for Core and Back Strength

waist training exercises for core strength

If you’ve spent any time researching waist training or talking to waist trainers, you’ll have discovered one simple truth: Waist training works. Within a few weeks of wearing a waist trainer, you’ll notice a slimmer waistline, better posture and a flatter tummy. But it’s not all hourglass curves and unicorns. You see, in order to […]

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How to Choose the Best Corset for Waist Training: 6 Things to Look For

Best Corset for Waist Training

You’ve decided you want a curvy, hourglass figure and the best way to get is through waist training. You’ve done your research and learned about the various types of waist trainers and decided that corset training is the best for your goals. Now all you need to figure out is…what is the best waist trainer corset? Well, […]

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