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10 Surprising Benefits of Waist Training

You don’t hear too often about the benefits of waist training but I’m sure you’ve wondered.

Perhaps you saw photos of Kim Kardashian West sporting a tight waist trainer on her social media and thought, ‘that looks painful, I wonder if it’s beneficial?” I have.

Turns out, even if you’re just wearing a waist trainer to improve your waistline, you’re unwittingly getting some other major benefits.

Scouring the depths of the Internet for information (so you wouldn’t have to), we have found the top benefits of waist training. Here they are, in no particular order:


Sitting or lying down while wearing a waist trainer is uncomfortable, primarily because your movement is restricted. The waist trainer forces you to sit up straighter, walk while holding your body straighter and lie down with your body (you guessed it..straight).

If worn enough, a waist trainer can train your body to adopt better posture. Better posture also helps you lose weight because you are holding your body up and thus engaging the muscles in your stomach.

The same happens when you are walking around and going about your daily activities, the corset keep your stomach engaged and back straight, improving your overall stance and aiding weight loss.


Waist training helps your posture, which in turn helps relieve tension in your neck and shoulders, which can help with migraines. Think of it as the equivalent of a long body massage.

Think of this this way, have you ever gotten a headache after slouching at work all day? This could be because you’ve held your neck and shoulders at a funny angle, a corset makes you sit the way nature intended.

There is no scientific proof of this, though multiple waist trainer wearers have attested to having less headaches while training.

Menstrual Cramps

Here’s one of the most unexpected benefits of waist training. You’d think that a waist trainer is the last thing you want to wear at that time of the month, but waist training can actually help menstrual cramps by applying pressure on your stomach and ‘massaging’ your internal organs.

This is slightly disputed, but menstrual cramps are like lipstick – what works for one person may not work for another. The only way you’ll know if it works for you is when that time rolls around.


Here’s a fairly obvious benefit of waist training: Waist training can be greatly beneficial to your overall relationship with food. I know I’ve been guilty of overeating on a number of occasions and later felt terrible.

A corset cinches your waist, and since it is impossible to overeat while wearing one, waist training can teach you better eating practices.

While wearing a corset, you’ll find it easier to eat smaller meals more frequently, and eat and chew slowly. If this becomes a habit, it can have a positive impact on your diet.


Corsets provide a layer of protection over your torso, especially while riding motorcycles or horses. Some riders wear body protectors and a waist trainer can have a similar effect, protecting your internal organs from bruising in case of injury.


A waist trainer is essentially an extra layer under or over your clothes. For people who feel cold all the time – your corset could start feeling less restrictive and more like a warm hug.

Sweating in your waist trainer can also help you lose water weight (but remember to keep rehydrating!)

Treating Spinal Curvature

Corsets can help your posture just by training you not to slouch, but they don’t actually fix spinal curvature caused by injury or diseases such as scoliosis on their own.

The jury is still out on how much a waist trainer can help in such cases – but with the addition of proper corrective exercises and therapy, a corset could speed the healing process up.

However, do not wear a waist trainer instead of functional trainers like a back brace, because though corsets can help with pain, they haven’t been proven to help with these conditions.


Wearing a corset can help you achieve that coveted hourglass figure you have always wanted, that for some is impossible to achieve naturally.

Getting that coca-cola bottle waistline even temporarily can be a huge confidence boost. Even just holding yourself up straight and better posture can make you feel more confident (and appear more confident).

That Jessica Rabbit shape may not last, but the temporary feeling of having the figure you want can be enough to get yourself out of any confidence funks.

Dent Repair

Ever worn a tight pair of low-rise jeans and noticed your body dented after prolonged wear? The same can happen with ill-fitted bras. Corsets help smoothen these dents out over time.

A waist trainer can also immediately smoothen out dents temporarily while you’re wearing one.

Breast Support

Big breasts may not seem like a problem, but for many people having excessively large breasts can cause discomfort including debilitating back pain. A corset can help support your breasts and reduce these effects, especially over bust corsets.

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