how to waist train without a corset

How to Waist Train Without a Corset

Corsets give you an instant hourglass figure by reducing your waistline by several inches. Even better? They improve your posture, keep your core warm and even help reduce feelings of anxiety.

Over time, corset training can help you lose inches around your natural waist – even without the corset – and shape your waistline into an hourglass figure.

The downside? Corsets can be uncomfortable, especially when you first start using them. Not to mention, they’re pretty unsuitable for everyday activities.

So is there an alternative? If it possible to train your waist without a corset?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. Here’s how…

How to Waist Train Without a Corset

Waist training typically involves using a corset to gradually and semi-permanently reshape your figure into an hourglass. Corsets do this by literally altering your physical shape through reshaping cartilage and repositioning the ribs and the organs over time.

Those are pretty drastic changes.

So the first thing you need to be aware of when it comes to waist training without a corset is that the results will not be as dramatic. The itty bitty waists that you see in before and after corset training photos will most likely not be your result without a corset.

how to waist train without a corsetCase in point: Kelly Lee Dekay’s 16-inch waist would not be possible without corset training.

That being said, not all of us are interested in achieving a 16-inch waist.

If that’s the case and all you’re really looking for is to take a few inches off your midriff, add some curve to your waistline and get rid of belly flab – you can totally do that without a corset.

Here’s how…

Eat for a Slimmer Waistline

You know the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen?” Well, it’s very true: The single best thing you can do to slim your waistline and torch belly fat is by eating the right foods at the right times.

The good news is that as you begin waist training without a corset, you’ll probably make use of one or both of the waist trainers below and they’ll naturally help you to control your appetite so you can make better food choices throughout the day.

The compression that waist trainers provide also make it easy to eat smaller meals. And consuming small meals every two to three hours happens to be one of the best ways to get rid of fat.

All in all, there’s a lot to be said about eating for your waistline but we’re going to leave you with just a few tips for now…

  • Always eat breakfast. It gets your metabolism going and gives you the energy you need to get through the day.
  • Consumer your carbs around workouts and early in the day. Starchy carbs like pasta, potatoes, oats, yams should be eaten early in the day, stick to fibrous carbs like veggies after 5PM.
  • Eat clean. This is simplest way to sum up how to eat for a slim waist, flat stomach and overall health. It simply means to avoid processed and refined foods and stick to a diet of whole foods.

Use a Waist Trimmer for Workouts

One of the biggest components of achieving a slim waist is getting rid of belly fat. And the best way to do it? Cardio.

Cardio – and high intensity interval training (HIIT) – are great for burning fat but you can make it even better by wearing a waist trimmer while you’re working out.

These brilliant garments are intended to be worn during workouts and are usually made from flexible neoprene that allows for a full range of motion while heating up your core temperature to burn calories faster while also ridding you of unwanted toxins and water weight around your midsection.

Waist trimmer before and after

Again, the results will not be as dramatic as with a corset but you’ll sweat buckets and start seeing a noticeable difference in your midline after a week or two of working out with a waist trimmer. Plus, you only have to wear the waist trimmer during your workouts.

Before and After using Waist Trimmer

The best one is Sweet Sweat’s waist trimmer – make sure to also grab their Sweet Sweat Coconut Workout Enhancer Gel for an extra boost in circulation and sweating during your workouts!

types of waist trainerswaist train without a corset

Wear a Waist Cincher During the Day

If losing belly fat is not enough for you and you crave a curvier waist, the easiest way to waist train without a corset is to wear a latex waist cincher for a few hours each day.

Cinchers are the compression garments that celebrities like the Kardashians are using to waist train and they’re similar to corsets in that they visibly and immediately shrink your waistline but they also have a crucial difference.

how to waist train without a corset

Because waist cinchers are made of a combination of latex and/or spandex and don’t have the rigid boning that corsets do, they are a lot less restrictive than corsets and you can comfortably wear a waist cincher for hours at a time, during your daily activities and even to your workouts or to bed.

The overall waist training results with a waist cincher will not be as dramatic as with a corset, but with regular use, most people report a reduction of at least a few inches off their midline and a curvier waistline.

Waist cinchers also have the benefit of being more affordable than corsets and you can find high quality cinchers for less than $50.

Here’s our favorite waist cincher…​

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