8 things you didn’t know about perfume

The perfume industry is constantly changing, and analyzing the fashion trends to come up with new ads and stories to capture your attention and interest. Perfumers all over the world are innovators and their aim is to identify the new smell that will become an iconic perfume.

The creation of a perfume involves a lot of chemistry and research, and there are many secrets behind the smell that fascinates you.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about perfume:-

1. Change your mood by changing your perfume

Whenever you’re feeling down, go grab your favorite perfume and spray a little on your wrist. Let it sit for a few minutes then smell it. Try to remember a beautiful memory from great times when you were wearing that perfume, and you will notice how you start smiling thinking about better times.

Olfactory sense is the most important sense tied to the way memories are created and stored in our brains. It so happens that when you smell car fresheners, you instantly remember your first car, or when you smell bubblegum you remember funny things form your childhood.

The implication is that perfume makes excellent gift. For example, it would be an excellent 30th birthday gift for your wife (or husband).

2. Expensive perfumes contain natural oils

If you’re wondering why is it that some perfumes are more expensive than others, the reason may be the fact that essential and exotic oils were used to create the fragrance. When you check the ingredients list, items like musk, oud, Bulgarian rose, orris, jasmine or ambergris will definitely spice the price up.

At the same time, if you do see these ingredients and the price is not sensibly higher, you’re probably looking at chemical replacements for the natural oils. Just imagine that for one pound of rose oil you need 10,000 pounds of rose petals, so this is why rose oil is so expensive.

3. Don’t crush the perfume

Remember when you apply the perfume on the pulse areas, if you also apply it on your wrists, don’t rub your wrists together because that will cause the perfume to evaporate faster by increasing the temperature in that area. You will also crush the top and heart notes, the perfume won’t have time to develop, and you’ll be left only with the base notes which are different woody notes, vanilla notes, and spices.

4. Skin pH will change the smell of a perfume

Only buy perfume that you’ve tested. Now I know you will smell gorgeous scents on your friends and you will be tempted to do some blind shopping, but the fact that you like someone else’s perfume is not a guarantee that it will smell great on you too. Take into consideration that the perfume reacts with the oils in your skin and its unique pH level, so this means it will create a different experience altogether.

Your diet can influence how a perfume will smell on your skin, and you also need to pay attention to other perfumed products you use because they will affect the smell of the perfume.

When you’re getting a perfume for someone else, for example, if you’re looking to buy perfume for your girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe start with a sample size bottle and see if they like the scent. Alternatively, you can check out their existing collection to find out what categories of scent they’re into.

5. You can wear whatever perfume you like

Perfume advertisers know that their product is the image of something we aspire to be, to achieve, or to feel. Either we’re talking about being glamorous, feeling in love, or being independent, we all can imagine ourselves in those situations, no matter if you’re a 22 year old woman or a 65 year old man. Scents are created for men, for women, or they are unisex, but it’s totally up to you what perfume you buy based on the notes you like.

6. Perfume isn’t great for your hair

Stay away from spraying perfume in your hair. Even if it may smell nice, the alcohol in the perfume will damage your hair and make it less shiny. Also, you risk getting too used to the perfume because you smell it every moment, and will lose olfactory sensitivity. This may lead to over spraying your perfume, and annoying people around you – not to mention the fact that you will also finish your perfume bottle sooner than expected.

Another thing that perfume don’t exactly go great with is jewelry. The metal and the gemstones are likely to lose their luster quicker if you spray directly on to them.

Also avoid spraying perfume directly on your waist-training corset! The content of the perfume might accelerate oxidation of the metal parts in the corset, making it less durable.

7. Moisturized skin helps the perfume live longer

The moisture level in your skin will determine how well the scent adheres to your body. The less hydrated you are, the sooner the perfume will vanish. Keep that in mind next time you want to skip moisturizing and don’t do it.

8. You can be the “nose” of a perfume house

In this role, you won’t be walking around in a nose costume. Nose is an affectionate nickname for a perfumer. If you’re wondering what are the qualifications to become a “nose,” you need to know that you’ll likely need a degree in chemistry or cosmetic science, and a lot of specialized training. This is very well paid job, but requires attending seminars and courses that will help you get qualified. Big perfume houses offer internships, and you can start your career there.


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